Find Letting Tips Here!

1. Timing matters – choose the perfect season to sell!

Majority of sellers in and around London prefer selling in spring and autumn because of the extra sunshine and mild weather conditions. Also, gardens are in bloom and the market tends to have the most buyers around these periods.

Spring is generally a positive time of year where buyers are more likely to spend more.

2. Make your property look stunning – London is a competitive market!

The more stunning your property is the more money (and quicker sale) it is likely to achieve.  Tidy up the garden, give it a nice and conservative paint job, spend extra efforts in the kitchen and bathroom, buy some cool air fresheners and candles.

With a bit of TLC, you can beat the competition in Mill Hill and surrounding areas.

3. Pricing is extremely important – don’t be too ambitious if you want to sell, checkout comparables

It is quite common for buyers to do some research online for comparables before making offers on properties they are interested in. Hence, you should avoid the temptation to overprice your property. If your house is priced above similar properties on your road, there must be justifiable reasons why in terms of size, condition, features, potential etc… A property that is priced right should sell in any market!

4. Pick a good Estate Agent – Picking the right Estate Agent is a crucial decision

One of the first questions you should ask before signing up to an agent is whether or not they are regulated and insured; ask to see evidence of this. A good agent will have good local knowledge and contacts; and will value your home based on comparables in the local area; so always ask for evidence for their valuation.