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I would like to highly recommend T&A Estates based upon their services to me when they acted on my behalf as agents to find tenants for my flat.
Firstly, T&A Estates were successful in finding me a tenant.Importantly, they acted diligently and went out of their way to be helpful and courteous.T&A Estates also helped me with a lot of the paperwork and certification, making the process smooth.
I have no hesitation in recommending T&A Estates.

T&A Estates provided me with just what i needed; a seamless transaction, the service was great and i have peace of mind with them. I will definitely recommend to anyone looking for great customer service. Thank you T&A!

T&A Estates has certainly exceeded my expectations; they have redefined the word service! I got real value for services offered. The word that comes to mind is professionalism. Service was indisputably first class; the total experience which is very critical in today’s highly competitive market was fantastic. I will work with them anyway. They are unarguably one of the best estate agencies I have dealt with in recent years!

Helpful team and a fast customer service.

I’m happy with overall service . Would rate good !

T&A Estates have provided an excellent service with no problems at all. A+++ will recommend to anyone.

After almost a year of tenancy with T&A Estates, they can be described as a team of highly professional, efficient and reliable housing agents with attention to detail.

The property occupied during the period has never been in need of repairs. Although, I have no doubt as to the promptness to which this would have been handled if the situation had arisen. I would recommend T&A Estates anytime.

T&A Estates have provided me with a good level of service. Their response time is usually good with any requests and I will be happy to recommend them to others based on my experience with them.

The service is prompt, efficient and one that I’m very pleased with.

This is to acknowledge that T&A Estates Agent currently handles my tenancy and I can confirm that their services before and after I moved in to my current residence are laudable.

They approach tenancy related issues with such finesse and professionalism and serves as an excellent middleman between tenant and landlord. I have not had any reason to fault their work and I happily recommend their services to any intending parties.